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A healthy diet and exercise are important on and off the job. See how they help strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and boost energy levels.
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Enjoying healthier lifestyles and activities has a huge impact on first responders’ mental acuity, strength and stamina. Here you’ll find comprehensive information on the benefits of everything from good nutrition, hydration and sleep habits to exercise, yoga and mindfulness—and much more. You’ll also find the latest studies and articles concerning tobacco use, alcohol consumption and fatigue, and learn how they affect personal health and performance.


This all-inclusive collection of articles, research and studies offers a look into the contributing factors that impact first responders’ performance. Learn about everything from the cost/benefit analyses of well-being, weight management and better ways of dealing with stress to risk-reduction techniques such as how to keep moving safely in the cold and lowering incidents of injury on the job. These resources can be filtered or viewed by tag, audience type or category of post.

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