John H. Granby

John H. Granby has been involved with the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of protective clothing, and supporting technical services to the Fire Service for over 35 years. Over the last few years he has also been involved at the federal level in developing products and programs for both the private and public sectors in protective clothing and logistical management as well as securing funding streams for the  first responders of the United States. He is presently Vice President of Government Relations and Corporate responsibility for Lion, Inc. In addition he is an active member of the Miami Valley Urban Search and Rescue team (Federal Task Force OHTF-1) as a technical Information Specialist and served as a subject matter expert for the US&R Logistical Working Group from 1999-2003. In the 1980’s he worked with the Washington Township Fire department as a subject matter expert in Personal Protective Equipment and was an honorary member of the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University and has been involved with additional postgraduate work and technical seminaries at various universities.  John is married and has one child who is now an active firefighter.

He was an active member of the National Fire Protective Association and has served on multiple committees within the NFPA including 1971, 1976, 1991 92 and 93 that address protective clothing for firefighters and as an alternate for NFPA 1500. He is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials and has served on both ASTM F18 and F23 committees. Presently he is a member of E54 committee on Homeland Security. Previously he was Co-chair of the F18 Utility Rainwear task group the chair of F23’s FR Industrial Clothing committee. He was also involved in develop a handbook on use of protective clothing in the industrial/chemical work place.

In addition to his first responder activities he is a member of the Business Council of the US Conference of Mayors, a member of the National Advisory Council for the Congressional Fire Service institute and Chair of the Corporate Advisory Board (now called the NFFF Partner Council) of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Over the last12 years in addition his other activities he has been actively involved in working with the United States legislative and executive branches to promote a higher awareness and additional funding for the US Fire Service.

John has written many articles on protective clothing for both the industrial petro/chemical, utility market place and municipal and industrial fire service markets and Co- authored the first protective clothing design criteria ever written for firefighters. At present he is a board member of The Fire and Emergence Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA) and serves as a Co-Chair of the joint FEMS/FAMA Government Affairs Committee.