Mario Trevino

Mario H. Trevino is a forty-three year veteran of the fire service.  He rose through the ranks in the Seattle Fire Department to Deputy Fire Chief over 24-years, holding such assignments as EMS Chief, Arson Squad Commander, Marine Fire Response Commander, and various fire suppression posts.  He went on to serve as Fire Chief in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Bellevue, Washington.  He co-founded Washington USAR Task Force 1, serving as Task Force Leader at the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles and later as Program Manager for Nevada US&R Task Force 1.  His consultancy assignments include executive search in the U.S.A. and airport fire protection in the United Arab Emirates.  He has served on dozens of boards and commissions, including being elected President of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs and serving as a member of the NFPA Urban Fire Forum.  He has testified before U.S. Congressional Committees on four separate occasions, and has spoken at fire service conferences across the United States, Vancouver, B.C., Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, London, and the United Arab Emirates.  He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington, a Bachelor of Public Administration degree (summa cum laude) from Seattle University, and participated in a Harvard University fellowship on State and Local Government in 1998.  He served as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington’s Master of Public Administration Program for three years, and as an Executive Fire Officer Instructor at the National Fire Academy.  He is happily married and a proud father, and lives with his family in Las Vegas.  He is also a line-of-duty cancer survivor, and is committed to helping educate fellow firefighters about cancer prevention.