The best way to diminish the effects of any diseases, illnesses or injuries is to detect them as early as possible.
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A fitness evaluation that fits our profession

This is especially true for firefighters, who in many cases, are at greater risk for certain diseases, illnesses and injuries than the general population. Annual physicals, based upon testing criteria for the increased health risks faced by firefighters, have proven to lead to early detection and prevention of long-term illnesses.

In 2017, the FRCE entered into a memorandum of understanding with the International Association of Fire Chiefs to develop resources for firefighters and clinicians on physicals and how to best implement a physical program.


Here you’ll find the latest information on firefighter physicals. Firefighters face unique occupational health risks due to the demands of their job. Here you can find the latest information on the NFPA 1582 annual physical, along with other resources & articles to help you understand the importance of early detection and prevention.

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