Education and Awareness from Day One


The Bureau of Training is responsible for coordinating the 17,000 uniformed and civilian employees of the FDNY. One of our key responsibilities is running our probationary firefighter school. Probationary firefighter school is a rigorous 18 week commitment to physical training and classroom study. This is were the education and awareness of our next generation of firefighters begins. Much of our training focuses on the policies, procedures, and skills needed to respond to fires and emergencies in New York City. In order to do that effectively, we also must take care of ourselves physically and mentally. This includes understanding and implementing contamination reduction habits on the very first day a new firefighter enters probationary firefighter school. This following video emphasizes the often overlooked importance of incorporating contamination reduction strategies and tactics into every aspect of firefighter training, beginning on day one, and continuing throughout your career so you can not only be able to respond to calls but also live a long and healthy live.

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